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Welcome to BAOSHIDA Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.! Here, you will find a huge selection of LED lights, including LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED ceiling lights, LED wall lights, LED table lamps, and so on. These LED lighting fixtures are equipped with reliable light sources and available in a variety of specifications. In addition to indoor LED luminaires like LED mirror light, LED panel light, LED grille light, etc., we also offer LED road lighting, high mast lighting, LED garden lights, and other outdoor LED lights. Explosion proof lighting is available as well besides LED downlight, LED floodlight, LED spotlight, and other common LED lights. As a professional LED product manufacturer, BAOSHIDA also provides you with premium LED module, LED display, and residential solar power system apart from various LED lamps. In short, all your needs for LED lighting and display will certainly be satisfied at BAOSHIDA. Please feel free to contact us. We are always at your service!

Main products
    1. T8 LED Tube

      Available in 9W and 18W, the T8 LED tube is a perfect alternative to traditional T8 fluorescent lamps. It features high energy efficiency and long service life which reaches 80,000 hours.

    1. 5W LED Bulb

      The 5W LED bulb we offer can be directly mounted on the traditional lamp holder. It delivers high-quality light, significant energy savings, long service life, and remarkable environmental friendliness.

    1. MR16 LED Cup Light

      Featuring reduced light attenuation, our MR16 LED cup light contains no harmful chemical substances and it can produce multiple lighting effects, such as gradual change, sudden change, etc.

    1. 1W LED Ceiling Light

      Widely used in commercial lighting, the 1W LED ceiling light is designed with aluminum housing and excellent heat dissipation structure. Its service life is generally 30,000 to 80,000 hours.

    1. LED Panel Down Light

      The LED panel down light offered here has a much wider diameter than a traditional one and it is ultra thin, only 20 mm in depth. Square and rectangular ones are available as well.

    1. Single Head LED Grille Light

      Easy to install, the single head LED grille light features shapely design and high energy efficiency. The aluminum housing delivers excellent heat dissipation effect.

    1. Aluminum LED High Bay Light

      Our aluminum LED high bay light uses high power white LED as the light source. It features high light efficiency, low light attenuation, and significant energy savings, which is widely used in large-space lighting.

    1. Low Power LED Flood Light

      With the protection grade of IP65, the low power LED flood light can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It uses solid amalgam, so no pollution will be caused to the environment when the light is broken.

    1. DIP LED Meteor Light

      When flickering, the DIP LED meteor light resembles meteors flying across the night sky. The flickering effect can be set according to your requirements and the lamp can be arranged in any way based on the actual service environment.